8 Singlish Goodies for Your Home

We speak and love Singlish so much sometimes we just hope to share our Singlish love with our family and friends. Luckily Singaporeans are a creative bunch, check out these Singlish-inspired goodies we found on Instagram that will surely add more liveliness to your home!


1. Stock up your fridge with these TOK GONG-ly designed beers 

Wah these hand brewed and bottled beers by our very own Archipelago Brewery really win liao lor! Summore they have 4 recipes:

🍺 Tok Gong – American IPA
🍺 Ki Siao – Brown Ale
🍺 Sibeh Ho – Witbier
🍺 Ah Kah Ji – Craft Lager


2. Hang this How-to-Order-Kopi (Coffee) 101 for your inner caffeine addict

My New Year Resolution: Try all of the above in the local kopitiam


3. Makan until you SHIOK with these (Really!) colourful plates

So appetising confirm you die die also will finish your food! 😍😍😍


4. Cat + Singlish = The only Lor cushion cover you need!

I can just look at this the whole day and nap in peace lor.


5. There is NO better coffee table book than this Singlish fairy tales

Wah seh! You want to laugh die your guest meh!?

Find out more about these Singapulah Classics on our online store

🇸🇬The Red Riding Hood LAH | Singlish Fairy Tale by Casey Chen

🇸🇬The Three Little Pigs LAH | Singlish Fairy Tale


6. Express yourself like you mean it with this WALAU EH! badge

Pin it because your Ah Gong, Ah Ma will be so proud of you!


7. Note down your shopping list so you can STEADY POM PIPI!

There is never too much notebook, because there is always so many to buy and so many to note down.



8. Show off your Singlish in MRT stations with this Singlish EZ Link Card Sleeve


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