Don’t play play! You can now take Singlish workshop leh.

While the Singlish-or-not debate continues grabbing the limelight; British Council Singapore has opted to setup a Singlish workshop to help fellow expats integrate better with the Singaporean society.

“It’s not about learning to say ‘lah’ as much as it is about learning to understand how such terms are used,”

Taking form in an informal setting, the Singlish workshop attracted some 200 expatriates from 39 countries so far (walau eh!). Participants learned in an interactive environment and are able to grasp slangs unique to Singapore like Shiok and Kopi; as reported by Straits Times Singapore.

It might be a little naive to think that the workshops are for free. In fact, it is reported that the 2-hour informal workshop costs $636.65 (including GST) in course fees.

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Though, this version of Singlish looked a little too… polished, no?



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