Famous liao? Revisiting The Video Game That Popularized Singlish

With the constant protest against Singlish, and probably for several more decades to come; it’s a great time now to remember how Singlish has once made it into the popular video game called “Just Cause 2“.


Just Cause 2 features Bolo Santosi who is a South East Asian born game character. Voice actress Liz Sutherland thus decided to give a performance featuring an exaggerating version of Singlish. 

“The game is like a B-movie and is utterly outlandish. So a naturalistic voice over wouldn’t have worked. It’s an over-the-top game, which is a fun escapism”


Liz Sutherland, voice actress

Play video below and listen for yourself how Bolo Santosi sounds like!


ps. we are considering to get Liz to record audiobooks for our Singapulah series. Any lobang?

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