OMG! They did it! Singlish Dubbed Disney Movie

So, I was really eng the other day, so I Youtube lo.

Guess what I found? Someone has dubbed a (few) Disney movies with Singlish! Can you believe it? Stay Lee lah! My Ah Ma never told me I can find my soulmate on Youtube lo.

*Uninstalling Tinder*

Anyways, this kind of good stuff of course I have to share lah! They did quite a few Singlish Dubbed videos, these 3 are my favourites:


#3: Dub – Pixar Up – Meet Russell Video

Everyone knows a Russell who can’t stop talking. Eh this one talks non-stop, talked Singlish summore leh.

Eh? He said he come from Yishun a? Hmmm…..


#2: Singlish Beauty and the Beast

This is one emotional scene! Now even more so in Singlish.

The struggle of the Beast struggled is real!

Should he let Belle go find her limpeh or not? You see liao then you’d know.


#1: Singlish Little Mermaid

This one is of course my favourite video of all.

In fact it should be every Singaporean’s favourite too.

Why? Because it’s mermaid ma! Meaning our brother Merlions family wo, must support lah! If not my Ah Ma will scold me one.


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