The Three Little Pigs Lah!

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The Three Little Pigs Lah is the first Singlish Classics depicting the classic story of the three little pigs in Singlish slang and modern Singapore.

Written in Singapore by Casey Chen.

Read the singapuLAH reading guide here.

* WARNING: This book contains broken English. Parental Guidance suggested.

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4 reviews for The Three Little Pigs Lah!

  1. Yigs

    Localized twist to a classic story

    At first glance, this may seem like a book limited to a small group of readers, such as Singaporeans who have a better appreciation of the Singlish language. This is far from the truth after u have got past the first page. I’ve shared this book with friends from countries outside Singapore, and they had a good laugh with no problems appreciating the story nor the use of Singlish. If you’re looking for a special gift for friends, look no further.

  2. Hansen Khoo

    Sibeh good lah!

    If hor you want your kids to relate to this classic story in a Singaporean way, this book best lah.

    No horse run! Better faster go & buy k?

  3. hanxian

    Welcome gift to any expat friends

    I would definitely recommend this book to any foreign friends coming to Singapore to work. To share our proud “Singlish” heritage to our foreign friends and let them integrate easily into our society hor?

  4. Koihin

    Best version of The Three Little Pigs

    Great artwork and story told in Singlish, these books are sure to be a hit with foreigners looking for a bit Singapore culture, and what better way than with a book in our official national language, Singlish!

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